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Quarto Payroll Management System

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Supplier: Mission Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Quarto Payroll Management System.


  • Quarto-ERP is a comprehensive ERP software solution that provides its clients with comprehensive payroll modules. It enables organizations to easily integrate attendance data from biometrics (ID / Thumb / Face Recognition), apply leave applications/approvals and make monthly adjustments (input allowances/deductions).
    The payroll features of Quarto-ERP enable organizations to track employee transactions like attendance, maintain employee masters with qualifications, build pay-heads (BASIC / VDA / TA / PF / ESI etc.) and assign them to grades, locations and employees. It also helps in creating the holiday master, shift master for managing the shift of workers and generating salary slips for the employees of each branch, department and location.
    Apart from this, Quarto-ERP also provides its users with Salary Slip Voucher feature to print/account the salary details. This makes it easy for organizations to accurately manage payroll operations. Quarto-ERP provides a one-stop solution for all payroll operations and ensures accuracy and precision. The software is secure and reliable, making it a preferred solution for numerous organizations.

  • Features:
    Quarto-ERP’s payroll module lets you generate various types of reports and registers such as muster roll, attendance summary/detailed report (grade/department wise), employee register, leave report, promotion report, salary registers, PF register, ESI register, loan/deduction/allowances report, OT register etc. These reports and registers are generated automatically with this module and are always up-to-date with the latest information.
    Report Builder
    Quarto-ERP’s payroll module also comes with a powerful report builder that makes it easier for you to create custom reports quickly and accurately. It allows you to select the fields that you want to include in the report, specify the criteria for generating the report, and determine the order in which the fields are displayed. You can also choose a template for the report and make it look more presentable and professional.
    Formula Builder to Manage Specific Situations
    The Formula Builder allows businesses to create and customize formulas to accurately manage specific payroll situations. This makes it easy to quickly implement changes that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming to implement manually.
    Manage Accounts
    The payroll module also allows businesses to easily manage their accounts. This includes updating the payroll system with accounts, setting user rights with security, and managing employee pay by grade.
    Salary Slip Designer
    The Salary Slip Designer allows businesses to create graphical or text-based salary slips with ease. This feature simplifies the task of creating and updating salary slips, making it easier for businesses to quickly and accurately manage and distribute employee pay.
    Biometrics Integration
    The payroll module also comes with integrated biometrics. This allows businesses to seamlessly and securely integrate biometrics into their payroll system, providing extra security to employee data and accounts.
    With its user-friendly interface you’ll actually enjoy managing payroll. It provides you with the best tools to generate reports and registers and also lets you customize those reports according to your needs. And who knows, you might even find yourself humming a happy tune as you run patrol each week.