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Quarto Document Management System

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Supplier: Mission Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

Quarto Document Management System.


  • Quarto ERP helps to manage the documents easily through the QDMS. This module will reduce the workload of each ERP user drastically and hence the system will become robust to provide the supporting documents to managers and auditors at any point of time. So, whether you’re a seasoned documentarian or new to the world of documentation, we’re excited to show you how our documentation module can simplify your work processes and make your life easier.

  • Type of Documents can upload using QDMS
    QDMS is capable to load the following documents and file types:
    - Word Documents
    - Excel Documents
    - PDF
    - JPG
    - BMP
    - MPEG
    File size 4mb normally and shall customize for higher size.
    Modules available for Documents facility
    - Customer Profile
    - Supplier Profile
    - Employee Profile
    - Purchase Order
    - urchase Invoice
    - Goods Receipts
    - Customer Order
    - Sales Invoice
    - Delivery Note
    Documents Retrieval
    Once the document is uploaded, the file is connected to the particular head of account and can be retrievable for users who have got the access rights. List of documents will be displayed and the same can be opened through a document link.
    All the document files are stored in Cloud server. Files are stored with file number or file name with the type of file extension.
    QDMS can be customized for the user requirements and to the specific model of application. API systems can be provided for bridging with third applications seamlessly.