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Priority Warehouse Management

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Fully integrated into Priority, Priority’s Warehouse Management module is the core of your Warehouse operations, optimizing inventory service levels, and increasing warehouse efficiency, by managing and controlling the storage and movement of your inventory.


  • Priority’s Warehouse Management platform makes inventory management faster, easier and efficient. With updated information in real-time, Warehouse Management Systems provide rapid & accurate responses to customer demands. In turn, Priority WMS improves sales and increases profits. Furthermore, it allows the existing workforce to pick and receive items in a fraction of the time, with fewer errors.
    Intuitive and user-friendly, Priority WMS offers real-time insights into each aspect of your operations, allowing you to be flexible enough to help your business adapt to changing market conditions, and easily integrate with other business applications.
    With Priority WMS, you’ll gain full control of your entire operational process, from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse, until they move out, including inventory management, picking, auditing, and more, and on-the-go updating of your inventory from a dedicated mobile application.

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
    With Priority WMS, you can streamline the picking, packing and shipping stage of your logistics process. Easily create picking or shipping waves for specific customers, orders or order items, including a wave of tasks to pack ordered items in preparation for shipment, and a wave of pick tasks for orders, based on delivery routes, with tasks able to be limited to a maximum volume.
    Priority’s replenishment tools help you ensure sufficient inventory of fast-moving items in your warehouse, confirming that each picking location contains the optimal quantity of products for a smooth and efficient picking process. Priority provides advanced order-based replenishment waves governed by stock level strategies, turnover strategies, storage area, and more, and offers dedicated hot replenishment, instantaneous replenishment from a “next in line” storage bin, activated as soon as warehouse staff are confronted with an empty bin while performing a pick task.
    Receiving & Put-Away
    Locating free locations (put-away) is a key capability of Priority WMS, enabling you to efficiently manage the process of moving received inventory from the dock, kitting area, or production department to a storage bin. Functionality includes deliveries received checked against the corresponding Goods Receiving Voucher (GRV), Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), or any other shipping document, with palletization tasks linked to corresponding line items in the GRV. Received quantities are compared to planned quantities in an automated system-generated report, and put-away tasks can be produced by part, part family, storage area, turnover, or number of different SKUs in the same location.
    Tracking & Traceability
    Priority ERP’s tracking and traceability tools help manage the collection and retention of process data and documentation, particularly when dealing with regulated goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Includes dual units of measure, upstream/downstream traceability of serialized parts, from receipt through put-away, subsequent warehouse transfers, picking, and delivery. Advanced lot genealogy keeps track of lot components, and maintaining lot attributes when lots are split, merged or transferred within the organization. Priority offers an advanced Delivery Tracking App, with full functionality on-the-go, on any mobile device or tablet, with driver documentation, digital signature, and more.
    Mobile Devices, Barcodes & RFID Tags
    Priority provides full support for mobile devices, barcode labeling, and RFID tags, where you can give warehouse technicians real-time access to relevant information from a mobile device/tablet, to facilitate better-informed decisions and handle multiple tasks. Real-time notification of assigned tasks and track execution as work is performed, to reduce processing time and increase warehouse efficiency. Update task details based on actual task performance, open new warehouse tasks, scan/print barcode labels/RFID tags, and view current inventory levels for a given warehouse/part – all from a mobile device!

  • - Simplify complex processes
    - Maximize warehouse space/storage
    - Streamline workforce efficiency
    - Automate data input w/ barcode/RFID
    - Advanced tracking/visibility tools
    - Robust mobile ERP apps