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Priority Payment Systems

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A fully integrated end-to-end customer payment solution, the Priority Payments module combines advanced payment functionalities with smart tools to streamline customer payment via credit card, and other means of payment, from any platform, desktop or mobile. This includes credit card clearing, (one-time transactions or standing orders), Click2Pay*, the ability for end-customers to pay directly from an invoice our customers send them, or from a dedicated, intuitive, and easy-to-use Payments Portal.


  • Priority Payments is a secure, fully integrated end-to-end customer payment solution, with smart tools to efficiently manage customer payment via credit cards, and other means of payment. Easily accept and clear both local and international credit card payments directly from Priority – all with a simple click!

  • Credit Card Clearing
    Priority Payments module offers a quick and efficient way to clear credit card transactions. You can process individual sales using the receipt or the over-the-counter invoice flows. Alternatively, you can perform customization at the customer, the order, or the contract level, and process straight through billing afterwards. And because the module is fully integrated into Priority, no more endless waiting for approvals. It’s a simple registration process from inside Priority. You don’t need to look for different providers for clearing, gateway, or funding.
    Quick and convenient, Click2Pay enables your predefined ‘eligible’ customers to pay via credit card directly from the invoice you send them via email. By clicking the "Pay Now" button, they are directed to a secure payment page, to settle the payment with their preferred means of payment from a company's predefined list.
    Priority Payments Portal
    With the Priority Payments Portal, you can invite contacts of your customer, with a simple click, to a full-blown portal where they can see and pay multiple invoices, see the history of receipts generated to them and drill down into them or enroll themselves to a standing order.
    Priority Payments lets you view your entire payment process, including all transactions with customers, all from a single location. With the Priority Payments' dashboard, you’ll have all your payment processing information at your fingertips, with real-time visibility to monitor and track your transactions and commissions. Benefit from an intuitive visual display of your payments, including customer metrics and data, for at-a-glance visibility into your organization’s incoming payment transaction status – all in real time. You can also download your periodic commission invoice directly from the dashboard, and view and register for additional services, such as payment means or e-commerce connectors.
    Marketplace Solutions
    Directly from the dashboard, you can view and register for additional services, such as payment means (ACH, PayPal) or e-commerce connectors (Shopify, WooCommerce), 3DSecure, if you want multifactor authentication from your buyers, and more.

  • - All your processing needs in one location
    - Take it wherever your business goes
    - Not only credit cards
    - Random sales or standing orders
    - Collect anywhere or simply get paid
    - Your payments are safe!