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Priority Human Resource Management software

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Priority’s Human Resource Management module empowers managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, manage new hires, employee onboarding, payroll, promotions, compensation changes, and more – all from a single platform. Fully integrated HR management solutions that combine real-time analytics and flexible processes with a single data source, to connect your business to its most important asset, your employees.


  • Priority’s Human Resource Management software offers a diverse set of features and functionality for efficient employee management and reporting, designed to help organizations automate, regulate and centralize their HR management processes. Priority softwares for HR effectively manages key HR management tasks, from job application to retirement, including talent acquisition/recruitment, benefits administration, safety and health, employee assignments, training and development, performance appraisal, labor relations, compensation management, and more.
    Benefit from HR management’s fully integrated tools to help your organization automate, manage and control its employees’ activities, and enhance the employee and work experience, including built-in connectivity to Priority’s Time & Attendance [ADD LINK] module, to provide real-time attendance, sick leave, and vacation reporting
    Priority HR software also includes access to employee directories and organization charts, the ability to monitor upcoming vacation schedules, new hires, and publicly recognize peers for good work. Priority’s built-in SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) walk managers and employees through the HRM system’s shared platform and administration practices to improve overall control and efficiency.

  • Talent Management
    Priority’s HR module enables you to manage your employees throughout the entire employment lifecycle, allowing you to nurture, protect, and develop their talent, and enhance the overall employee experience in your organization. Manage recruitment and job qualifications, employee training and development, performance management and evaluation, goal setting and tracking, employee benefit programs, succession planning, retirement, and more – all from a single platform.
    Global Employee Management
    Priority’s HR management module fully supports global enterprises with multi-location and multi-company employee management, including HR system localizations to manage global workforces, including payroll, compliance with multi-jurisdiction taxes, benefits, and deductions, available in multiple languages and multiple currencies.
    Executive Reports (BI)
    Priority’s integrated business analytics tools deliver real-time business intelligence and customizable reports, so you’ll always have full visibility of your organization’s workforce, including team, project, and individual employee status. Analyze employee data, empower your team leaders and management with a 360o view of your employees and related HR tasks and activities via customizable dashboards, and generate business analysis reports powered by Priority’s built-in BI tools.
    Budget & Costing
    Align your organization’s talent acquisition needs with your current workforce to effectively manage and control HR budgeting and costing. With Priority HR management tools, you can define cost centers and billable & non-billable attributes related to HR projects, and calculate overall project costs based on tasks, milestones, and resource costs. Priority ERP gives you a holistic view of your entire project workflow, enabling you to define project budgets, consolidate expenses and revenues, and more.
    Project Management
    Comprehensive project planning and tracking, resource management, and costing, including supporting task interdependencies within or between employee projects. A wide range of project management tools, Priority ERP offers activity-related reporting of labor & expenses, and a built-in BPM to track and maintain project progression, while team collaboration is facilitated by linking each task to its related project and activity.
    Priority’s HR management module includes direct web access to enable candidates to easily find and apply for open positions in your organization. Upload new positions, CVs and related candidate information, track candidate progress through the recruitment process, communicate with candidates via email directly from Priority, and more. A fully automated talent acquisition process makes it easier for HR professionals to process applications, and find the best qualified candidates for the job.
    Role-Based Access
    Advanced role-based security enables company executives, managers, supervisors and employees to access predefined areas of the HR management module, to support required staffing, view up-to-date team/employee records, and other organizational needs. Priority’s HR management module provides organizations with a holistic view of their workforce, where HR and other managers can easily visualize headcount, growth, and turnover trends of the organization, segmented by departments, locations, employee class, and subsidiaries, and apply filters to view specific groups of employees.

  • - Real-time reports and analytics
    - Fully automated HR management tasks
    - Enhance info sharing/collaboration
    - Multi-location/company management
    - Analyze/plan resources and budgets
    - Project-driven resource management