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Priority ERP for Pharmaceutical

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A dedicated ERP solution for pharmaceutical product manufacturers, Priority Pharma fully supports the industry’s tightly controlled and regulated manufacturing processes, quality and governance, batch and lot traceability, inventory management, multiple distribution channels, and more.


  • Priority Pharma raises the bar on pharmaceutical product manufacturing, with an advanced set of tools to support fundamental processes in development, sales and distribution, including R&D project management, process manufacturing, work order and document management, MRP, traceability, QA, lab management, and Material Review Board (MRB).
    Designed to seamlessly control your end-to-end in-house production processes, Priority Pharma can also manage hybrid processes, a combination of in-house and outsourced projects, such as clinical research and manufacturing. Priority ERP effectively manages various distribution models, wholesalers that purchase your inventory for distribution, or sell and distribute products on your behalf, directly to healthcare professionals, hospitals or pharmacy chains. With Priority Pharm, you can store finished products, manage and control stock movement, and track and trace your products in partnership with CMOs, third-party logistics providers, and wholesalers.
    Priority Pharma ERP ensures that your products are manufactured and compliant to standards and regulations, including GxP and GAMP guidelines, and US FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    Priority’s robust Warehouse Management System optimizes inventory service levels, and boosts warehouse efficiency, by managing and controlling the storage and movement of your inventory. With Priority WMS, you’ll gain full control of your entire operational process, from the time your products enter your warehouse, until they move out, including inventory management, picking, auditing, and more.
    Distribution & Delivery Tracking
    Priority ERP integrates with leading courier companies, such as ShipEngine, the multi-carrier shipping platform that powers ShipStation, a web-based e-commerce shipping solution that works seamlessly with internal and external warehouses, whereby the system is able to limit sales of specific products to specific countries, including managing stock in consignment.
    Material Review Board (MRB)
    Priority’s Material Review Board module enables you to electronically document, manage and track discrepancies with materials, whether raw materials, work in process, or finished goods, to efficiently record investigative checks done on failed components or processes, and improve overall product quality.
    Multiple Units of Measure
    Priority supports multiple Units of Measure (UoMs) in a single item, and a fully-automated conversion process between various UoMs, converting all quantities entered in other units to the base unit of measure, including measures by weight, volume or quantity, and manufacturer and factory units.
    Work Order Management
    Manage your entire process for production work orders to replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods, track batches and expiration dates, and prioritize material usage based on individual item expiration dates – all on a single platform.
    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
    Efficiently manage the entire product lifecycle, meeting all the requirements necessary to bring a new drug to market, including budget management, tracking products from inception, through engineering design and manufacturing, and product versions and revisions.
    Inventory Control
    Manage your inventory levels and maintain tight control on inventory replenishment. Seamlessly integrated into Priority ERP, you’ll have a handle on your business planning and operations, by managing all of your finances, logistics, and BoM data, including version control per product, make-to-stock and make-to-order, with full support of FIFO and product expiration dates.
    Tracking & Traceability
    Track expiration dates on products and raw materials, through packing, warehousing, and on to final delivery, including the ability to maintain GPS coordinates to identify the product origin. Easily track and trace the product, or access product information along the supply chain via Priority ERP's recorded identification via barcode or RFID tag.

  • - View entire manufacturing process
    - Real-time business insights
    - Simplify complex operational processes
    - Robust tracking and traceability tools
    - Accountability w/ integrated financials
    - Manage clinical trials as projects