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Priority ERP for Nonprofits

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A dedicated ERP solution, Priority for Nonprofits is designed to help organizations seamlessly run their day-to-day operations, manage their logistics, employees, members, donors and fundraising, and achieve and maintain a sustainable, smooth-running organization. Priority ERP provides a single point of access to efficiently manage overall administration, projects, financials and budgets, tracking members, donors and volunteers, grant applications, and regulatory compliance, while maintaining tight control over expenditures across multiple departments, and multiple functions.


  • Nonprofits, just as for-profit organizations, face a multitude of operational challenges. Be it strict compliance with government regulations and requirements, tracking employee performance, budgets and finances, member, donor and fundraising management, contract and subcontract management, they need to maintain tight control of all of their operational processes, while fulfilling their mission – and their objectives. But as nonprofits grow, increase their workforce and membership, and extend their projects across the country or across the globe by partnering with industries or government entities, their operations and logistics become more complex.
    Maintaining control over programs, unique mandated requirements and compliance, keeping information secure, and aligning disparate activities, cannot be satisfied by standard business management applications or spreadsheets. With a keen understanding of nonprofits’ unique needs, Priority ERP software provides nonprofit organizations with a single intuitive platform to view and access their business data, from anywhere, at any time. This results in substantial savings in time, resources, and overall spend, enabling nonprofit leaders to maintain a sustainable, smooth running organization, and focus on delivering their vitally important social and community programs and services to the public.
    To enable nonprofits to fulfil their goals, Priority ERP provides a rich variety of operational business management tools, such as built-in analysis and control functionality, BPM, budget, financials and project accounting, including report generation, built-in CRM to skillfully track and manage members and donors, comprehensive HR management including time & attendance, contract and subcontract management, planning and forecasting, procurement & vendor management, and more.

  • Financial Reporting
    If you’re running a nonprofit organization, you understand how important financial management and fiscal responsibility are. Because nonprofits’ success is linked to financial transparency, you need to consistently show stakeholders and donors exactly where their money is going, while maintaining the lowest possible operational budget and expenses. Priority ERP enables nonprofits to efficiently and seamlessly provide budget transparency by generating a wide range of automated financial reports, including General Ledger, Profit and Loss, balance sheets, cash flow, trial balances, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Expense & Asset Management, and more. With Priority’s automated financial reports, nonprofits can save valuable time and resources, significantly reduce manual errors, and lower operational costs.
    Integrated Analysis Tools (BI)
    Priority’s integrated business analytics tool delivers real-time business intelligence and customizable reports, so you’ll always have full visibility of your current project status. Analyze business, operational, member, donor and employee data, and empower your workforce with a 360o view of each and every interaction or transaction via customizable dashboards, and generate business analysis reports powered by Priority’s robust built-in BI tools.
    Human Resources
    A comprehensive range of integrated HR tools to manage and optimize your daily human resources tasks, and overall human capital objectives. Priority’s HR module helps streamline operational efficiency and productivity in your organization, and automate HR tasks, including time and attendance tracking, updating employee directories, recruiting, benefits administration, track employee’s credentials and expiry dates, and performance management, to significantly reduce the workload for your HR team. More important, Priority’s HR module helps ensure that its human resources procedures are compliant with your organization's policies and employment regulations.
    Project Planning & Management
    Priority ERP effectively manages your operational budgets to achieve and maintain tight internal control, critically important to any nonprofit organization, with a holistic view of your entire project workflow, enabling you to define project budgets, consolidate expenses and revenues, and maintain a sustainable organization. Generate project budgets, with the ability to closely monitor and track project costs, and create detailed budget and costing based on real-time operational and financial data integrated into the system. Priority ERP’s budget management module enables you to manage your entire strategic, operational and financial planning by creating a budget to suit your company vision, and your real-time business needs. Priority’s project planning and management includes forecasting, planning and analysis tools to predict project costs, based on tasks, milestones, and resource costs, including purchases and resource allocation, evaluating potential business opportunities, and managing RFP milestones.
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Priority‘s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module enables nonprofits to effectively manage and control all stakeholders, donors, and other third party vendors, to ensure timely support and service, where all of your organization’s data is stored, secure, and accessible on a single platform. Priority CRM enables you to engage and communicate with customers, vendors, and prospects, with full visibility into new contract opportunities, and conveniently links all of your organization’s contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents, to deliver a holistic, real-time view of your operations, and ultimately, enhance the overall customer experience.
    Contract & Subcontract Management
    Manage contractual relationships between your organization, stakeholders, donors, and other third party vendors and services providers, with full accountability and transparency required by nonprofit organization. Priority contract/subcontract management includes a comprehensive billing and collections process, enabling you to manage and control budgets, and actual costs versus contractual obligations, with measurable insights of your entire operations. Seamlessly create and manage subcontractor agreements, including SOWs, assign projects to subcontractors, and track their progression and costs, and control the receipt and delivery of raw materials, products or services based on contractual obligations. Monitor and track subcontractors on single or multiple projects, and on multiple sites.

  • - Comprehensive operational insights via real-time reports and analytics
    - Simplify complex contractor/sub-contractor management processes
    - Maintain tight control over budgets/cash flow to streamline processes in a resource-sensitive environment
    - Integrated CRM and HR planning, forecasting and management tools
    - Maintain compliance with government regulations/requirements
    - Manage multiple departments and business units all from a single platform