Priority ERP for Food & Beverage

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Priority’s fully integrated Food & Beverage ERP solutions help streamline your business processes, and reduce manual errors by automating your entire supply chain, from raw materials, inventory management, to production, packaging, and distribution to your end-customer. Automating your entire operational processes, results in increased productivity, enhanced customer service, and a high return on investment.


  • A comprehensive business management solution for the food and beverage manufacturing industry, Priority F&B gives you the tools you need to manage and control every aspect of your daily operations. From procurement of raw materials, inventory, sales and supply chain management – to administration, financials and supporting regulatory compliance, with Priority F&B, your manufacturing and distribution process is guaranteed – smooth, streamlined, and cost-effective.
    Priority F&B serves a wide range of sub-industries, from dairy product manufacturers, meat processing plants and fruit and vegetable distribution centers, to wholesalers and retail chains of varying sizes. It’s Priority’s flexible and open system that focuses on the heart of your business, to support what matters most – food safety and quality. This means reliable tracking and traceability, raw materials and inventory visibility, and managing perishable raw materials and end-products with limited shelf-life.
    At Priority, we understand the challenges unique to your industry that include multiple product lines and processes, often with infinite modifications and changes. Not just changes to your end-products, but also to your packaging and pricing. It’s here that an advanced and reliable ERP system can and will make a significant difference – to reduce operational costs, boost productivity, and help you grow your business.

  • Operations Management
    With Priority F&B, you can effectively manage your operational workflow from start to finish, from the initial stages of forecasting and demand planning, production planning and scheduling, to shelf-life and seasonality management – all on a single platform.
    Inventory & Supply Chain Management
    Effectively manage and control your entire supply chain with automated processes, including shop floor control, with batch control/tracking and multiple distribution channels, fully visibility of raw materials and inventory, and managing perishable raw materials and end-products with limited shelf-life. Priority F&B includes advanced tracking and traceability tools to ensure your products are safely stored and transported at correct temperatures in controlled and compliant environments.
    New Product Development
    Quickly and easily generate accurate supplier lists with raw materials costs to better control your overhead and spending. Benefit from real-time data access to help manage and control new product development processes, reduce manual errors, and save on valuable time, resources, and costs.
    Financial Reporting
    Generate a wide range of automated financial reports, including General Ledger, Profit and Loss, balance sheets, cash flow, trial balances, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and more. Priority ERP allows you to create Account Trees, to easily build customized statements using our intuitive Financial Statement Generator
    Integrated Analysis Tools
    Easily analyze business and customer data with a range of analysis tools seamlessly integrated into Priority ERP. Access and view your financial data in real time, empower your teams with a 360o view of each and every customer via customizable dashboards, and generate business analysis reports powered by Priority’s built-in BI tools.
    Customer Service & Support
    Priority’s fully integrated CRM solution gives you a holistic view of your customers, to boost customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Benefit from real-time communications with your customers, including access to customer data and customer accounts, sales, support, service, and delivery, to help drive and maintain customer loyalty, and support your customers, from the initial order, to timely delivery to their door.
    Local & Global Operations
    Priority F&B is designed to serve from small and local to complex national and global food and beverage manufacturers. A flexible and open system, Priority is easily customizable for use with different currencies, tax regulations, and compliance with government requirements, so that you can penetrate new regions and markets to successfully promote and sell your products.
    Tracking & Traceability
    Track perishable products from the growers’ field, through packing, warehousing, and on to final delivery, including the ability to maintain GPS coordinates to identify the product origin. Easily track and trace the product, or access product information along the supply chain via Priority ERP's recorded identification via barcode or RFID tag.

  • - Single data source
    - Advanced tracking and traceability tools
    - Real-time business insights
    - Real-time access via mobile devices
    - KPI measurement tools