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Barcode reader software

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Supplier: AltemisLab Ltd


  • Included with the AlteRead SBS rack 2D barcode camera reader
    Easy to use intuitive software, with minimal set-up.
    Labware fl exibility
    Pre-calibrated software, compatible with all 24, 48 and 96 SBS format racks from any manufacturer.
    Automatic rack identification
    Decodes 1D barcodes on any rack side and 2D embedded rack barcodes.
    Auto read
    Barcode decoding is automatically initiated when racks are placed on the reader window.
    Barcode error handling
    Adaptive mechanism detects and reports missing tubes.
    Advanced barcode error handling options.
    Advanced security settings
    Separate administrator and user access.
    Customise export data settings
    Export barcode data as Excel or Word file format, with content defi ned by the user.
    Database connectivity
    Set-up read results to automatically populate a database.
    Integration and network connectivity
    SDK for easy integration with LIMS software and other robotic systems. Remote control connectivity with TCP/IP.