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Priority Business Intelligence (BI) Software

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Fully integrated into Priority ERP, Priority’s Business Intelligence (BI) module with built-in business analytics tools, allows you to monitor and assess your business operations and selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to make better-informed decisions from aggregated data presented in intuitive dashboards and dynamic BI reports.


  • Priority’s Business Intelligence (BI) module give you full visibility and insights into your business to better manage and control your operations, and ultimately save time, resources, and costs. Priority BI helps ensure that you have quality, up-to-date information to drive fast, top-to-bottom decision-making processes.
    Priority’s BI tools take the data stored in Priority’s ERP system, analyzes it, and identifies actionable opportunities for our business. Feeding on the information stored in your ERP system, Priority’s BI takes this data, analyzes it, and presents it back to you in actionable, easy to interpret dashboards and dynamic, real-time reports. You can customize dashboards and reports, add and personalize shortcuts and business metrics, and easily compare and contrast all types of data, including financial, sales and marketing, customer support, and more.
    With Priority BI, you’ll get a 360° view of your entire business all from a single location, with real-time data to help you nurture leads, manage pipelines, and close deals, in addition to gaining valuable insights on your cash flow, utilization, project progress, and more. Get insights from historical data, and make better-informed decisions with predictive analytics tools to identify opportunities and trends.

  • Flexible, Customized Reporting
    Select from a host of available dashboard components and easily position them to personalize your dashboard to meet your needs, including data analytics, shortcuts to frequently used Priority forms and menus, calendars, external websites and feeds, and more. Define your own parameters for the initial content to display when you enter a BI report, such as date range and company. Benefit from dynamic slice and dice and drill-down functionality, easily export results to a variety of formats, including Word and Excel, and email analytics results with a single click.
    Mobile Analytics
    Benefit from real-time BI analytics with easy and seamless access from any mobile device or tablet. With Priority’s mobile analytics tools, you can access full BI functionality, anywhere and at any time, bringing your business intelligence and analytics directly to you, on-the-go. Get accurate, real-time visibility of your business operations, processes, finances, and more – at your fingertips.
    Location Intelligence
    With Priority BI, you can easily map and visualize your business data in geographical formats. Exploring and visualizing data sets based on spatial elements, will enable you to better understand your business operations from new perspectives, such as sales per region.
    Metadata Layer
    Priority’s metadata layer functionality makes reporting easy, eliminating the need for coding and SQL, enabling users and report writers to view and access business data in simple business language. Users solely interact with data at the metadata level, without having to comprehend the complexities of the underlying data or database.
    Ranking Reports
    Priority allows you to create reports that order specific categories of information, from across multiple dimensions, by selecting specific criteria. Ranking reports let you view the best and worst performing aspects of your business, such as creating a report that ranks your 10 best-selling products, regions, or sales reps.
    Integration with Third-Party BI Tools
    Profit from a true BI experience. With Priority, now you can. Use APIs to seamlessly integrate third-party business intelligence tools with Priority‘s ERP system and database. Benefit from Priority’s range of technology partnerships with leading BI vendors who offer analytics integration, including Anvizent, Excelando, and others. For a detailed list of third-party BI solution providers, visit Priority Market.

  • - Real-time business insights
    - Transparency across all operations
    - Simplify complex data analysis
    - Control cash flow and project progress
    - Build KPIs to evaluate business success