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Pneumatic warping machine YTC-W 301

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Supplier: Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Pneumatic warping machine YTC-W 301.


  • Electronic counter can be set on random length, to ensure accurate quantity and avoid yarn waste.
    Auto yarn cutting brake device to ensure timely brake before yarn’s entry into the warp bean.
    Yarn reed stretchable device can be adjusted on warp density.
    Creel precise yarn feeder can make sure same tension from start warping to finish.
    Creel place has 126, 154, 196 for customers choices.
    Beam size can be provided on customers’ choice or designed on customers’ needs.

  • YTC-W Series Specification


    Creel Place

    H.P Motor

    Max RPM

    YTC-W 301




    YTC-W 302


    YTC-W 303


  • 1. Strong stability, can avoid the damage while unstable voltage.
    2. High speed, winding area is away from contamination to enhance productivity.
    3. Multi automatic yarn feeding device, testing freely, automatically stop when broken yarn or other faults occur.
    4. Adopt electronic counter to control winding layer, changing yarn easily.
    5. The motor arrange the yarn equably, the yarn runs easily and completely, reduce the wastage of yarns.