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Organic Sample Preparation - Extrapid Manual Cartridge-Disk Extractor

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Supplier: LabTech Srl

Extrapid manual SPE system is the ideal partner when treatment of large volume samples is required. A unique and flexible extraction solution for standard and routine SPE needs in environmental analysis.


  • Organic Sample Preparation - Extrapid Manual Cartridge-Disk Extractor
    Standard configuration
    Main unit:
    - Collection bottles
    - Clamp ring
    - Waste liquid bottle
    - Vacuum pump
    Optional accessories:
    - 10L waste liquid tank
    - 1L sampling glassware device
    - 20L waste liquid tank
    - 90mm/C18 SPE disk
    - 90mm SPE disk adapte.

  • 3-ways valves to efficiently control the sample collection and the waste discharge. During operation process:
    - No need to switch ON/OFF the vacuum pump
    - No need to wait for venting and removing collection bottles
    - No need to drain the waste liquid and clean vacuum chamber
    - Up to 4 samples run individually or simultaneously
    1, 3, 6ml cartridge and 47, 90mm disk options
    Flow control valve ensuring accurate flowrate and high reproducibility
    Sample flowrate from 1 to 45ml/min
    Parts directly in contact with solvents made of PTFE or stainless steel to ensure excellent anticorrosion resistance.