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Opportunities management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Effectively manage the business opportunities that arise. With Vault, you can check the number of new business accounts, define their stage and track the flow through the funnel. With simple reporting, you can view the success rate of opportunities in a given time and manage your activities or processes accordingly.


  • With Vault‘s Opportunities you can:
    - Have a clear overview​​
    - Ensure no opportunity slips away​​
    - Increase efficiency​​
    - Analyze the success of opportunities​​
    - Target potential customers effectively​​

  • A clear overview of your opportunities
    Track the opportunities that you’re working on. Gain a clear insight into new business accounts by viewing the client's name, contacts, source of lead, type, stage, estimated value, checklists and more.
    Customize your view
    Customize your Opportunities screen to display the information you want to see. Select columns or sort and filter information by clients, status, state, types, next key dates and tags.
    All data in one place
    Keep all the information regarding business opportunities in one place. You can view basic details such as title, status, source, stage, start date, closing date, estimated value, key dates, contacts, reminders and more. All this information is securely stored within Vault.
    Document storage​
    Store a number of files related to your opportunities such as contracts and other key documentation. Gain clarity and transparency when storing documents as you can see which document is stored, by who and when it was recorded. You can store files for as long as you need and can share them with chosen personnel. The Tag feature allows for increased search functionality so you can easily sort your documents.
    Boost efficiency with checklists
    Change to a more effective way of executing recurring tasks. Create a specific checklist, add tasks with allocations and see the progress in real time.
    Analytic insight​
    Have a clear graphic overview with Vault’s graphs and charts. Gain an analytic insight by viewing win loss reports, a funnel which outlines the different stage of business leads, a graph which shows the cost of each opportunity by stage and more.