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Opinion polls management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Empower your employees by giving them an opportunity to voice their opinion. Collect relevant feedback easily and quickly from your teams, or even the whole company.​


  • With Vault’s Opinion polls you can:
    - Improve productivity​​
    - Eliminate the use of emails and spreadsheets​​
    - Get opinions quickly​​
    - Keep all business processes in one place​​
    - Analyze answers - get a report with one click​​

  • Easy to create and fully customizable
    Don’t have a lot of time to organize and collect feedback from your employees? Create a poll and share it with them. ​
    Vote with one click​
    Every employee will see the poll on their dashboard, meaning there’s no need to step out of the system. One click is enough.
    Collect feedback
    Results can be made secret during the poll, visible all the time or just after the poll is closed – customize to your preference.​
    Get the report you need​
    ​Sort voting data by team, company, position or age. With these results, you can make better decisions for your team.​