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Openlogic CRM Framework

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Openlogic CRM Framework.


  • DataNote CRM is considered the ‘analysts’ favorite’ CRM. For starters, the installation is quite simple. With a comprehensive set of APIs, it’s easy to access and modify your (synchronised) data.
    When it comes to customization, DataNote's CRM Software takes care of every need of the business and performs efficiently. With its intuitive data structure and enhanced customization panel, you can easily modify, validate, improve and manage user activity. Here, the user can be involved in any financial transaction while keeping privacy at priority. It doesn't impact the security and also saves time & cost.
    In this time of the pandemic, most businesses are deploying the CRM Software to automate their databases, strengthen customer relationships, and implementing innovative strategies for maintaining their stability by syncing the overall process workflows. DataNote's data-driven CRM application sends automated communications to target audiences through emails and social media platforms, and identifies the potential leads converting them as sales-inclined buyers.
    This trustworthy notion aids in taking logical decisions to optimize prospective clients into ultimately converted customers.

  • Campaign
    Make efficient campaigns by introducing a perfect strategy that generates quality leads.
    Sales Team
    By coordinating & improving the communication of your sales team, we help to grow sales.
    With systematic data information, your short and long term goal can be predicted.
    With a large and systematic data structure, keep connected to your contacts.
    One of the most important utilities that is required to configure sales schemes.
    Help in generating quality leads which take you to your potential customer.
    The opportunity entity represents a potential sale to new or established customers.
    A systematic file that manages all the business terms and related documents.

    Sales Order
    Track and manage sales order which shows that order has been received from the client-end.
    Task Management
    Manage tasks to improve efficiency and workflow through an integrated system.