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NarGo Delivery Robot

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Code: #27873

Supplier: TWINNY Corporation


  • The NarGo series can:
    - Drive without infrastructure in wide and complex environments.
    - Move flexibly even in constantly changing environments.
    - Be customized for site-customized cargo boxes.
    - Be controlled easily using the control system.
    - Drive up a slope.
    - Be linked to elevators (some models).
    Nargo Delivery 
    - NarGo Delivery is designed to autonomously transport items between different floors in high-rise buildings.
    - It can independently enter and exit elevators.
    - The robot prioritizes user convenience in its design.
    - To enhance usability, it features an integrated display for effortless and intuitive operation.

  • Cargo Box
    Nargo Delivery 
    - Cargo box allows shelf installation at three different heights: 120 mm, 240 mm, and 360 mm from the bottom.
    - The robot's loading box provides various functions.