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Measure System Unit

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Supplier: Syntec Technology Co.,Ltd

Syntec offers in-line and off-line measurement solution from electrical control, mechanism, sensors, the cloud software applicable to different industrial requirements. In addition to general purpose measurement unit, Leantec will provide an all-in-one machine integrated with measurement and laser marking features to realize production history scenario in the production line.


  • Features
    - Combine Laser Marking Unit and Measurement Unit to realize automatic production history.
    - Provide automatic tool offset compensation function.
    - Integrate Smart Factory Software. Measure results can be stored in private/public cloud, and data analysis and system monitor function are provided.
    Applicable Content
    Inner/Outer diameter measurement, Concentricity measurement, Thickness Measurement
    Industrial Application
    Metal part machining, PCB industry, 3C industry
    Practical Uses
    Bolt dimension, auto parts concentricity, floor perpendicularity, and 3C part weight measurements.