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LMI Bar loader

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Code: #26914

Supplier: INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Bar loading magazine for optimum turning results.


  • The ABC comes with an interface for bar loading magazines as standard.
    - By attaching a loading magazine INDEX LMI, you gain up to 4 s for bar feeding in connection with the bar feeder
    - Attaching the loading magazine INDEX MBL provides for maximum smoothness and accuracy due to the unique guiding principle
    - The interface also allows attaching common thirdparty makes

  • - Bar makes contact with stop within 1.5 s
    - Bar reloads within 5 s
    - Reloading in parallel to the cycle
    - Quick adjustment of the two guide half-tubes to the bar diameter
    - Hydrodynamic oil cushion in the guide channel
    - Very short design, only about 100 mm longer than the bar
    - Bar is always guided to the spindle center