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KPI management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Make decisions based on reliable statistics and reports. Are you achieving key business objectives in your department or in the whole company? Stay in the picture, be competitive and gain the advantage with useful data insights.​​


  • With Vault’s KPIs you can:
    - Increase efficiency and productivity​​
    - Gain valuable insight​​
    - Have a real time overview​​
    - Customize your data view​​​​
    - Check all indicators in one system​​
    - Get reports fast and easily​​

  • A tool for professionals​
    With Vault, all departments are able to store a wide range of information so that they can effectively evaluate and manage business processes.
    Make data driven decisions​
    Analyze all your data easily. Attendance, number of employees, personnel costs, training costs, overtime hours, employee turnover rate, fixed costs or company expenses - these are just some of the key indicators that allow you to assess how your company is progressing.
    Customize your dashboard
    Base all your decisions and processes on relevant data. Create an insightful report with ease and view it on your customizable dashboard. ​