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Humidity Controller CNT-1SH-1

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Code: #27686

Supplier: CONOTEC Co., Ltd

- Selection of dehumi or humidity
- Correction of the present humidity
- Temperature display + Humi
- High temperature (85℃)
- Heating element for prevention of dewy


  • Part name:
    ※ Humidity display and control + temperature display for the currency status display, there're 2 kinds of mode, as a switch of <Up(increase)/DN(decrease)>, you can change the display like "Humi./Temp".
    Size & Dimension:
    ※ Please make use of the shield wire when lengthening of the sensor wire, and in case of using in the high temperature range of 65℃ ~ 80℃, surely use the high temperature using wire (Teflon wiring).
    ※ Please make the operating machine be driven with using the power relay or magnet surely because its output specification of inside relay is less than 250VAC 2A.

  • Operating Range

    0 ~ 100% RH

    Input sensor


    Display Accuracy

    ±2%rdg ±1digit


    1 relay (1c 250VAC 2A)


    Set / Up / Down key

    Control Method

    ON / OFF

    Power Supply

    230VAC 50/60Hz

    Order production

    110VAC 50/60Hz

    12V AC/DC ±10%

    Ambient Temp/Humi

    0 ~ 55 (32~131)

    35 ~ 80% RH

    Gross Weight 1PC