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High Speed Braiding Machine YTS 4/17

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Supplier: Xiamen Yitai Industrial Co., Ltd.

For shoelaces, high-tensile strength belt, finishing net thread, fishing line, trail rope, decorative ribbons, elastic sporting accessories, curtain accessories etc.


  • Bobbin size:
    - standard bobbin size:48*140mm
    - big bobbin size:70*210mm
    Running speed:
    The converter can be settled as the maximum 60,then the motor running speed as 450 RPM, and lead to 450 RPM for spindle.
    Productivity per minute:
    - Single spindles: production range 1.5m ~1.8m/min/head
    - Double spindles: production range 1.2m ~1.5m/min/head
    - Double spindles, unelastic production range 60cm~80cm/min/head

  • 1.The base plate is highly anti-deformation due to its own material and the process of aging treatment.
    2. Heat treatment increases hardness and abrasion-resistance of the board.
    3. Rotor nylon pads is made of nylon 66 material to improve its abrasion-resistance.
    4. Horn gears are perfectly aligned so as to reduce friction while working.