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Global dashboard

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Supplier: Vault ERP

With a simple yet detailed overview, Vault’s global dashboard allows users to easily find their daily tasks, upcoming project milestones, team absences and more in the form of widgets. The dashboard is unique for each user as certain information can only be viewed depending on access rights.


  • With Vault’s Global dashboard you can:
    - Have a clear overview​​
    - Increase efficiency and productivity​​
    - View all the relevant data in one place​​
    - Deliver tasks on time​​
    - Gain valuable insight​​
    - Customize your workspace to meet your needs​​

  • All information in one place
    Real-time dashboards instantly show you the status of your current projects, hiring stats, checklists, evaluations, tokens, invoicing analytics, time tracking stats, employees’ stats, absentees and more. View the overall performance and progress so you can quickly identify any failures within your team, department, office and company.
    Customize your displayed widgets
    Each user will require a different dashboard view. With Vault, you can personalize your dashboard by adding widgets that’ll provide you with relevant information.
    Create charts with ease
    With Vault, you can view key information in the form of charts. With a few clicks you can easily create charts and add them to your dashboard.