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Evaluations management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Cultivate your company‘s culture and let it evolve. Evaluate, motivate and get a picture of employee development.


  • With Vault’s Evaluations you can:
    - Motivate for better performance​​
    - Rate with ease​​
    - Keep track of your employees​​​​
    - Know your employees better​​
    - Praise regularly​​
    - Motivate to reach overall company success​​

  • Know your employees better
    The Evaluations module is a great way to keep track of your employees job execution, praise or incidents, received tokens and office presence. It‘s simple – just add a rating plan for employees and assign raters.
    Motivate for better performance
    Users can motivate their colleagues’ performance by giving them tokens like shurikens, stars or any other symbol integrated into Vault. This feature gives managers a comprehensive overview of their team’s activity and ranking, which leads to more accurate rewarding based on real working success.​
    Office presence
    Evaluate general behavior in the office, employee’s work attendance, adherence to rules, professional attitude, employee’s respect for colleagues or counterproductive behaviour.
    Job execution
    Let employees know how you feel about their performance. Give them constructive feedback or motivating words of praise.​
    Measure productivity, skill, helpfulness, professionalism, teamwork or overall contribution to successfully completed projects, milestones or achieved goals.
    Evaluate on the go​
    Give feedback from anywhere. Do the evaluation remotely with the mobile app.