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Epsilon Xflow On-line liquid analysis

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Supplier: Malvern Panalytical Ltd

On-line liquid analysis with the Epsilon Xflow gives the solution for fast and accurate control of your process parameters. Increased regulations and quality specifications drive the need for a continue process flow. The Epsilon Xflow enables real-time insight to manage your production processes more efficient and reduce operational costs.


  • Elemental analysis in your process
    X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive elemental analysis technology which allows measuring your process streams without any loss or chemical/physical changes. The resulting real-time on-line analysis, provides fast optimization of many processes parameters and product properties.
    Highly repeatable and accurate with low maintenance
    The proven and robust Epsilon 3X technology used in the Epsilon Xflow is powered by the latest advances in excitation and detection technology. A well designed optical path, a wide range of excitation capabilities for light and heavier elements and a fast high-resolution SDD detector system contribute to the power of the Epsilon 3X. The sum of all these innovations results in highly repeatable and accurate results with low maintenance.
    Customizable for many production processes
    The flexible design of the Epsilon Xflow provides easy integration in many different processes and process conditions. Our offer contains a full and dedicated solution able to handle for example different:
    - Temperatures
    - Pressures
    - Viscosities
    - pH values
    - Corrosiveness
    - Solvent polarities
    Turn-key solutions
    Combined strength of our specialists and engineers with a history of over 50 years in the field of industrial XRF, customers appreciate our capabilities to deliver turn-key solutions globally. We will not leave the customers site, before the on-line analysis is on air.
    Installations can include:
    - Sample conditioning
    - ATEX designed
    - Sample recovery and waste management
    - Appropriate sheltering
    - Process stream selection

  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis
    Real-time results
    Leading EDXRF technology
    High repeatability