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Delta Robot Control Modules

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Supplier: Syntec Technology Co.,Ltd

-High-speed movement


  • Highly Integrated Control System
    -Integrate I/O and driver, setting all-in-one
    -Fitted size reduces the volume of the electrical cabinet
    -Matching with high-speed M3 serial communication less distribution and easier to maintain
    -Absolute motor solutions under 1kW need not deal with motor problems
    Delta Robot HMI
    -Support specialize programming language.
    The process is designed for robots.
    -Support graphical dialogs teaching process and follow the directions of the controller to input the parameters
    -Need not to memorize the program instruction of controller shorten the time the engineers have to learn
    -Preserve multiple pick-and-place programs and reference points and update based on users’ needs can dramatically increase the convenience of usage
    Secondary Development Preserve Differentiation
    -Provide secondary developing applications that can customize PLC, HMI, and MACRO
    -Support customizing the buttons of the handheld teaching box. The function of the button can be decided by yourself
    -Provide a modular developing process to match PLC and HMI to state to the art
    HPCC and SPA
    -Followed CNC system with high-speed, high-precision functions, it supports path interpolation and speed smoothing feature
    -Support corners smoothing to increase the efficiency of pick and place
    -Built algorithm providing the function of avoiding the singularity
    -Support various types of machines need not to develop the algorithm
    Handheld teaching box provides convenient
    -The special names for pick-and-place buttons of lathe machine
    -Emergency switch and safety button
    -MPG is loaded to meet the needs
    Controller highly integrated with visual
    -The controller can show the vision and need not an extra screen
    -The controller can set visual related parameters
    -Space coordinate can be easily corrected
    -Using G/M code can perform secondary developing
    Conveyor Tracking
    -Support non-stop processing appliance on the conveyor. It is suitable for assembly lines like the food industry and package industry
    -With visual testing, it can easily become an efficiency automated production system