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Datanote ERP for global trading industry

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Supplier: Safal Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

Datanote ERP for global trading industry.


  • DataNote for the Trading industry, allows management by exception, meaning that the system can automatically generate much of the documentation required for compliant trade on its own. It can issue alerts for missed deadlines, problems or activities that fall outside defined parameters. DataNote ERP solution facilitates the flow of information, money, and goods in global trade supply chains that include buyers, sellers, and intermediaries, including customs agencies, banks, and freight forwarders.
    DataNote is designed specifically for empowering companies to harness their data, sell more, and boost overall profits. Its core functionality revolves around sales, customer management, orders, inventory, purchasing, and analytics.

  • Inventory Management
    Automate the order entry to allow for accurate real-time order management.
    Lot Tracking
    Improve the daily in-stock percentages & reduce the excess and obsolete inventory.
    Improve Sales
    Automate the manual counting & analyze potential customer orders regularly.
    Landed Cost Tracking
    Accurately track true product costs by connecting various expenses with order / invoice.
    Warehouse Shipping
    Print picking and packing slips, and shipping labels
    Efficient Reporting
    Provide every data to financial & operational functions from various departments.
    Accurate Forecast
    Provide real-time data pertaining to sales, and distribution.
    Shipment Tracking
    Container tracking becomes really easy with this offline tracking module