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Clients management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

View relevant data regarding your clients such as top project, master client, invoiced amount and contracts with key dates. Invoices to clients can be linked and a variety of different files can be attached to ensure everything is in one place. Organize and manage clients' projects effectively and track the working hours allocated to each client with ease.


  • With Vault’s Clients you can:
    - Gain valuable insight​​
    - Create a central data repository​​
    - Have all relevant data in one place​​
    - Secure your contract repository​​
    - Manage clients projects with ease​​
    - Increase efficiency​​​​

  • Secure and quick access to data
    Handle all the data regarding your clients with ease. With Vault, all the data is stored in one place meaning you don’t have to waste time searching for basic information. Access this data anytime, anywhere.
    Customize your view
    Categorize your clients based on name, project, top project, boards or others. You can customize the view to suit your needs.
    Increase efficiency by improving contract processing
    Store all contract agreements in one place to ensure you have access to all the data you need, even when working remotely. Gain clarity and transparency when storing contracts as you can view contract details, who stored it and when it was recorded. All documents can be stored for as long as you need and can be shared with chosen personnel. The Tag feature allows for increased search functionality so you can easily sort your contracts.
    Clear overview of client's projects
    Track the projects you’re working on for each client. Have a clear insight into these projects as you view project coordinators, project members, status, hours, assets and more insightful data with the Projects tab.
    Efficiently organize client's tasks
    With a Kanban workflow you can effectively manage every client's requirements as they’re broken down into lists and tasks. Visualize the tasks, allocate to a team and move them from the to do list to done as you progress.
    Track time and costs on clients
    With the Time tracking module, you can track the number of hours spent on each client and the expected budget against the actual budget so you can control the profitability.
    Gain valuable insight into the invoice lifecycle
    Gain a clearer insight when invoicing clients. Vault provides you with a visual overview of the invoiced amount and the payment from clients. View the invoice number, title, invoice date, due date, total amount, status and more.