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Checklists management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Change to a more effective way of executing recurring tasks. Create a specific checklist, add tasks and assign them to other employees. Boost your team’s performance by measuring the time spent on tasks and tracking their execution.


  • With Vault’s Checklists you can:
    - Execute tasks more efficiently​​
    - Ensure important tasks aren’t missed​​​
    - Avoid mistakes​​​​
    - Improve business processes​​
    - Set priorities​​
    - Save time​​

  • Create as many checklists as you need​
    Different departments or projects need different checklists. Create customizable checklists, tasks, assign employees and track their progress.​
    Boost efficiency​
    Too many to-do tasks or a lack of guidance leads to chaotic management, delays or missed due dates. Bring order to your business processes with structured checklists. Run your tasks, measure the time spent on tasks and track their execution. ​
    Get a real time overview
    Keep track of employees and see how they’re progressing. View how much time they’ve spent on tasks and whose already successfully completed their duties.
    Check task status
    Identify the tasks that your employees have passed, failed, put on hold or are not applicable. By measuring tasks, you can plan better and detect the most time-consuming processes and adjust them accordingly. ​​
    Quickly identify failures​
    Get a quick overview regarding the results of tasks and immediately identify any failures or uncompleted assignments.​​
    Reminders that can‘t be missed​
    Employees are automatically notified of tasks that need to be completed with reminders appearing on their customizable dashboard. With monthly workflow planning, defining responsibilities and identifying priorities you can save a critical amount of time.