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Axios FAST X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

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Supplier: Malvern Panalytical Ltd

With analysis results being available in just a few seconds, the Axios FAST elemental analyzer is the ideal tool for time-critical applications and high sample throughput analysis environments. Main application areas include steel and metals alloy production as well as geological or commercial laboratories where hundreds of samples need to be analyzed every day.


  • High sample throughput
    With fast sample handling and outstanding operational reliability, the Axios FAST simultaneous XRF spectrometer is the first choice for high-speed analytical control.
    - Continuous loading via turret mechanism
    - 168 position VRC sample changer, with flexible tray loading for unattended batch analysis
    - Direct loading
    - Sample barcode reader for fast, error-free sample loading and data entry
    Enhanced performance
    - Simultaneous measurement of up to 28 elements, with a minimum of 2 second measurement per sample
    - High sensitivity HiPer channels for light-element analysis
    - Analytical flexibility with the option of up to 4 goniometers
    - Range of X-ray anode materials (Rh, Cr, Mo, Au) enables highest performance for specific application
    Enhanced instrument uptime
    Designed for process critical analysis, Axios FAST is manufactured to the highest quality standards, incorporating innovative technology to prevent and minimize downtime.
    - SST-mAX with ZETA technology - eliminating tube drift and reducing calibration maintenance
    - CHI-BLUE X-ray tube window coating for increased X-ray tube durability and corrosion resistance
    - Dust removal device removes dust from samples prior to measurement, minimizing dust entry to the system, maximizing uptime
    - Compact measurement chamber with externally mounted channels – allows unrestricted access to critical components without compromising the vacuum system -allowing rapid post-maintenance stabilization