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Asset management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Take control and manage your company assets by having a clear overview of them from acquisition to disposal.


  • With Vault’s Asset management you can:
    - Go paperless​​​
    - Have 24/7 access to your documents online​​​​
    - Accurate inventory records​​
    - Scan with your smartphone​​​​
    - Track the location of your assets​​​
    - Customize to your needs​​

  • Accurate inventory records​
    You can easily manage all your assets from your browser. See an accurate and up to date count of your inventory and related information.
    Have a real time overview​​​
    Have a clear record of company assets, users, location, last seen asset, warranties and much more.​
    Track the status of your assets​
    Track the complete life cycle of your assets from acquisition, storage, commissioning, repairs and asset movements to disposal.​​
    Save time
    Tracking assets with Vault is time efficient. Generate a QR code for your assets and print it as a sticker. Scan it to access detailed information regarding that asset. All the information you need is accessible online 24/7.
    React fast​​​
    Record every repair, maintenance, inspection and revision performed on an asset. This will allow you to make corrections immediately.​
    Customize to your preference​​
    Register assets with ease. Set your own property labels, notes, tags or warnings. You can also filter, sort or group individual fields.​​​
    Role-based security​​​
    Set up individual users as asset managers. Choose them by office, organizational unit, asset type or any other criteria. All confidential data is kept safe in Vault.​​​