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Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

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Supplier: Hosokawa Alpine AG

  • High reproducibility and comparability
  • Simple operation thanks to integrated software packages
  • Automated and innovative user guidance
  • 100 % Made in Germany


  • Because extremely fine powders tend to agglomerate and therefore clog up the sieve, the air jet sieve is the device of choice for sieving fine powders. This is where the air jet sieve e200 LS develops maximum effectiveness. Not just one, but two components work together here: a slotted nozzle which rotates inside the sieving chamber and an industrial vacuum cleaner connected up to the sieving chamber.

    Once the vacuum cleaner is switched on, it creates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber. The extremely narrow slot of the slotted nozzle ensures that the incoming air is accelerated and flows through the sieve cloth at high speed from below. The particles on the sieve cloth are dispersed briefly by the air jet at the cover – even before they are pulled downwards through the sieve cloth by the suction of the vacuum cleaner. The effect: the fine material is separated quickly and effectively. The coarse material remains on the sieve and is reweighed at the end of the sieving process.

    A further advantage: the automatic underpressure regulation as well as specification of the sieving-relevant parameters guarantee reproducible results.


    Separation, fractionation and particle size analysis of powders in various industries:

    • Minerals
    • Chemicals production
    • Pharmaceuticals – through compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
    • Toner production
    • Food and nutrition industry
    • Cement and construction material applications

  • Measurement range (with ø 200 / 203 mm) 20 µm to 4 mm
    (with ø 76 mm) 10 µm to 2,5 mm
    Navigation High-resolution capacitive 7" IPS multi-touch screen
    Power supply cable (m) 3.0 Mains connection (V, ~, Hz) 3.0
    Mains connection (V, ~, Hz) 90-264, 1, 50/60
    Underpressure (Pa) 1500-5000
    Air flow rate (m³ / h) 65-140
    Speed (rpm) 18
    Weight (kg) 20
    Protection class (IP) 54
    Dimensions L × W × H (mm) 535×370×386

    • GLARE-FREE 7-INCH PANEL: Readable even under demanding lighting conditions and from just about any angle.
    • SMART TOUCH SCREEN: Touch screen with robust 3-mm-thick safety glass.
    • INTUITIVE USER GUIDANCE: Modern visualisation for fast, easy and precise operation.
    • SECURE RESULTS MANAGEMENT: Analysis and data reports with archiving and search functions as well as automatic backup.
    • INDIVIDUAL APPLICATIONS: Password-protected settings, customisable display accuracy, migration of legacy data in XML format.
    • IDEAL CONNECTIONS: Ethernet, RS-232 and 3 × USB, e. g. for a barcode scanner, keyboard and mouse.