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Admissions management platform

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Supplier: Vault ERP

Manage the process of enrolling and tracking students that are taking up a course with your organization. From documentation to evaluations to payments, Vault can integrate your whole admissions process into one simple, secure system.


  • With Vault’s Admissions you can:
    - Have a clear and real time overview​​​​
    - Reduce administrative effort​​​​​​
    - Increase efficiency​​​​​​​
    - Improve your admissions process​​​
    - Communicate more effectively​​​​​
    - Automate the repetitive, time-consuming tasks​​​​​

  • All data in one place​
    Keep all information regarding students in one place and minimize the administrative effort. From basic information to private documents, all of this data is securely stored in Vault and is GDPR compliant.
    Clear overview​​​
    With Vault, you can view all the admissions within your company as you’re able to sort and filter them according to Application Type, Category, Status and State. Customize your admissions screen to display the information you want to see.
    Document storage​
    Store a number of files regarding a student such as legal documents, transcripts, past projects, reviews and more. You can store them for as long as you need and share them with students or relevant personnel. The Tag feature allows you to easily search through documents. Vault’s document storage is perfect for any Admissions office.
    Use checklists to track student’s progress​​
    The admission process is facilitated with the use of checklists so you can manage the progress of students and track their documentation and payments.
    Create email templates​​​​
    Save time and communicate with applicants more efficiently with email templates. Prepare as many custom email templates as you need and send emails directly from the system.
    Effective communication​
    The Conversations tab allows you to communicate with students. Create a thread and give it a subject name so you can deal with any complaints or queries from students effortlessly.
    With the Evaluations module, you can evaluate, motivate and get a better picture of student’s development.​
    Use the KPIs module and make decisions based on reliable statistics and reports. Are you achieving the goals you’ve set? With useful data insights you will be able to find out. Stay in the picture, be competitive and gain an advantage.