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Laryee LYLC-002 Load Calibrator

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Supplier: Laryee Technology Co.,Ltd.

Laryee LYLC-002 Load Calibrator


  • - High accuracy and resolution with 24 bit AD
    - Multi-access: One indicator can be equipped with Max 10 Load cells channels
    - Unit of the load selectable and changeable in : N, KN, MN, kgf, lbf tf
    - Testing range: 5%~100% of measuring range of each load cell
    - Accuracy: 0.3% (0.1%, as special order)
    - Load Cell Selection:
    5KN/ Type T or C
    10KN/ Type T or C
    30KN/ Type T or C
    50KN/ Type T or C
    100KN/ Type T or C
    300KN/ Type T or C
    600KN/ Type C
    1000KN/ Type C
    2000KN/ Type C
    3000KN/ Type C
    5000KN/ Type C
    Remarks: T—Tension; C—Compression