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Danrel Automatic Blister Packing Industry Vacuum Forming Machine

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Supplier: Shenzhen Danrel Industrial Co., Ltd

Danrel Automatic Blister Packing Industry Vacuum Forming Machine.


  • Feature:
    1. Suitable for PET material, the furnace breadthwise moving automatically by motor or penumatic cylinder.
    2. High Speed, fully automatic. Load the plastic roller onto the frame, forming, cooling, demouling , transporting,
    cutting can be done automatically.
    3. PLC Touch Screen, easy parameter setting and simple operation
    4. Mould plate can be adjusted so can be placed different size of mould for different size forming requirment.
    5. Forming Area (Length & Width) controller by servo motor.
    6. The sheet moving by Mitsubishi VFD and Servo Motor, its speed can be adjustable and high precision.
    7. Water Cooling System with 10 pcs sprayers of Japan Meiji Brand.
    8. PID temperature Control
    9. Fault self checking function
    Main Parts Brand and Specification
    - PLC: Japan Mitsubishi, 60 points,
    - Touch Screen: TAIWAN WEVIEW, 3.5 "
    - Vacuum Pump: Germany BUSUCH RA0100, 100m3/H
    - Air Cylinder: TAIWAN AIRTAC
    - Solenoidvalve: TAIWAN AIRTAC
    - Water Sprayer: Japan Meiji, 10 pcs
    - Variable Frequency Drive (VFD): Japan Mitsubishi, 2.2 KW
    - AC Contactor: French Schneider
    - Cold Water Machine/Chiller: DANREL, 4HP
    Customers should prepare:
    1. 15 KW 20 HP Pistion Type Air Compressor (Helical Lobe Type Air compressor is recommended in terms of
    protecting solenoidvalve and more environmental-friendly)
    2. Air Storage Tank to guarantee air supply.

  • Power Consumption: around 24 KW
    Power supply: AC 380 V 3P (customized)
    Forming Width: 450-710 mm (adjustable)
    Forming Length: 560-1220 mm (adjustable)
    Base Stroke: 350 mm
    Sutiable Material Thickness: 0.2-2 mm
    Sutiable Material: PVC, PET, PP, PS, PC, etc
    Working efficiecy: 220-360 times per hour
    Vacuum Pump Capacity: 100 L/Hour
    Operation: PLC/Touch Screen
    Temperature Control: PID control
    Cooling: Cooling Water+Wind (Blower power: 0.75 KW*2)
    + Forming Part-L3520*W1300*H2600 mm
    + Material Loading Part-L1300*W1100*H1000 mm
    + Material Receiving Part-L2000*W1300*H1900 mm
    Gross weight: 3000 kg