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Dewatering decanter centrifuge

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Supplier: Royal Precision Industry Co., LTD

Dewatering decanter uses centrifugal force which is applied by the thousands times of gravity inside the ratation bowl, solid and moisture is broken down and the solid is ejected by low moisture cake with the shear and compression force effect. By using specific gravity and centrifugal force, treat as dry sludge and dewatering of fluid which is flowed in the outside drum (bowl).


  • Feature:
    - Particularly, automatic difference reduction device automatically changes the rotation speed of the - Bowl and Screw, fix Cake moisture content and recovery rate consistently according to the concentration of the sludge flowing in.
    - The environmental harmful factor is less than the other dewatering decanter and automatic operation is steadily possible through the convinient operating method.
    - Since the residual sludge of the very low concentration or surplus and mixed sludge can be efficiently dried, it can process with the easy maintenance and high efficiency.
    - The moisture is seperated from the solid generated in the inorganic wastewater sludge, human waste sludge, animal product sludge, concentrate and dewatering process sludge, pretreatment sludge, chemical, steel, food,...and the Cake moisture content recovery rate is consistently fixed.