Surveying the Need for Cooperation in Application of Automatic Payment Transaction System, Monitoring Control and Centralized Management


The Center for Statistics and Science and Technology Information of Hochiminh City (CESTI) is researching business needs for cooperation in application of automatic payment transaction system, monitoring control and centralized management in order to organize a connecting event between technology owners and interested businesses.

The automatic payment transaction, monitoring control and centralized management system of C&T Electric - Electronics Co., Ltd. is a research product based on the "Flexible and versatile payment method" solution, and is a department-level research topic for 2018-2020. The company was also certified as a "Science and Technology Enterprise" by the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City, and was in the Top 60 of the Startup Wheel 2018 finale.

The proposed solution offers a diverse selection of payment forms including cash (with changeover) to meet current habits to electronic payment forms that will thrive in the near future. The terminals have the flexibility to integrate more than one service on the same device, or can be used for different types of services on the same hardware platform. Trading terminals are interconnected to form a system, allowing automatic control and centralized management.

This automated payment transaction system can be applied in many fields: travel operators, schools, passenger transport company, etc. In addition, the solution is also applicable in companies in industrial zones, retail chains nationwide.

Some notable applications:   



School kiosk system


Automated ticketing system for resorts and tourist atractions


Cashier system in stores


Coach ticketing system

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the system minimizes person-to-person contact during transactions. In addition, the system helps businesses manage easily, accurately, and transparently, while reducing labor costs for investors, creating flexibility when integrating many forms of payment from traditional (cash) to modernized (electronic payment), and improve business efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, as well as promote global integration.

Currently, the system has been applied in a number of companies and is ready for technology transfers to many provinces and cities across the country.

If the survey indicates much interest from businesses, CESTI will organize an “Technology cooperation” event, providing all concerned parties (technology owners, investors, businesses and other interested parties) with an opportunity to introduce their technology and needs, and interact directly to promote cooperation and technology transfer.  

Interested parties can fill in the survey here, or contact:

Hochiminh City Technology Transfer Portal – Techport

Technology Transaction Office

Mobile: 079 652 3381 (Mr. Khanh)