ZAbluefin centrifugal fan

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

The ZAbluefin made from the high-performance composite material ZAmid® is equipped with the best properties for an energy revolution in every application. The blade concept, which has already proven itself successful as the ZAbluefin in steel, now finds its absolute highlight with a combination of high-quality material and technical ingenuity. The unique biomimetic blade design gives the ZAbluefin in ZAmid® technology unbeatable performance and makes it incomparably agile when it comes to flow, with up to 7 % higher system efficiency and further reduced sound power. ZAbluefin is precisely tailored for maximum efficiency and saves considerable operating costs with unsurpassed performance features.


  • Next generation free-running centrifugal impeller. The impeller is designed as a centrifugal fan in steel or ZAmid® technology with 5 backward-curved blades and is available in various motor technologies. Special features include the biomimetic 3D profiling with an innovative design in the form of specially twisted blade geometry, as well as the blade leading edge developed according to the biomimetic action principle and the V-shaped serrated trailing edge, which enable a wide range of characteristics. In conjunction with an opening rotating diffusor, this fan achieves the highest impeller and system efficiencies.
    In combination with the innovatively corrugated blade surface, diffuse sound radiation takes place, which ensures the lowest possible sound level.

  • - Type: RH25I-6ID.BD.CR
    Electric data
    - 1~200-277V 50/60Hz Ped 500 W 2.50-1.80
    - 3170 min-1 55°C
    Technical data
    - Degree of protection: IP54
    - Weight: 5.20 kg
    - Motor protection: integrated active temperaturemanagement
    - Impeller made of ZAmid, like RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue)
    - Rotor: Steel, Rotor 2 coatpaint
    - Conformity: ErP 2015, CE
    - Efficiency ηstatA: 73.6 %
    - Efficiency grade: Nactual = 87.3 / Ntarget = 62*
    *ErP 2015