XIS-500 X-Ray Inspection System

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Supplier: Nongshim Engineering Inspection System Division

Applicable Products Exclusive use for small-sized, single-packaged products inspection like Candy, Pharmacy, Snack, Tuna can, Chocolate, Cookie, etc.


  • Convenient program operation
    - Easy to operate with graphical sensitivity setting menu
    - User-friendly program structure and data management program
    Always open and ready to meet customer requirements
    - Offers customized services depending on each customer’s usage environment
    - Develops and applies inspection algorithm suitable for each product’s characteristics
    A system applied with patented technology for network-integrated operation
    - Remote control and entire image storage solutions on investigated products



    Dimension (mm)

    800(W) x 860(L) x 1,580(H)

    Power Consumption


    Weight (kg)


    Conveyor Belt Width (mm)


    X-Ray Inspection Max. Speed (EA/Min)


    Cooling Type

    FAN (Standard) or Air-Conditioner (Option)


    15″ LCD Touchmonitor

    Conveyor Height (mm)

    Apply the height requested by the client

    X-Ray Output

    80kVp / 100kVp / 150kVp

    X-Ray Leakage

    Less than legal limit

    Detector Type

    Linear Sensor

    Pixel Size (mm)



    intellisense X-Ray Inspection System Software

    Operating System

    Windows Embedded OS

    Power Supply

    220~230VAC / 50~60Hz

    Operating Environment

    Ambient temperature : 5~35°C / Humidity : 30~80% RH (No Condensing)

  • - Graphical screen configuration for user convenience
    - No need to replace or clean air conditioning filters
    - Easy operation for everyone
    - Daily production report (Excel file for total production volume, NG product amount, uptime, etc.)
    - Optionally provide a system to monitor and control X-ray equipment at the site from the office.
    - Self-developed S/W enables program development and modification to meet field requirements
    - Remote inspection is possible with LAN networks
    - Save the reject images and operation/log records and checks the normal operation
    - Set the masking area for the product
    - Provide various inspection algorithms including inspection for foreign substances, omission, quantity, deoxidized material, and damage
    - Manage faulty images, storing and transferring in a USB port (responding to HACCP)
    - Model registration and masking, product enhancements and image masking and able to register up to 100,000 products (responding to HACCP)
    - Automatic image storage and analysis (responding to HACCP) through the application of the image management system