Vision Inspection System for Foreign Substances in Products

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Code: #23708

Supplier: Nongshim Engineering Inspection System Division

Vision Inspection System for Foreign Substances in Products.


  • Inspection for foreign substances in tray and container, for foreign substances on the surface of products and in raw material.




    1.3M Color Camera


    White LED Flat Dome

    Inspection speed (EA/MIN)

    Max. 1,200


    15” Color LCD Touch Monitor


    Airjet or Pusher type


    220VAC, 60Hz

  • - Computer-based high-performance system
    + Implementing a multiprocessing method to perform complex inspections on highspeed lines simultaneously
    + Up to 10 lines of simultaneous inspection with one system
    - Various additional functions
    - Having diverse installation experience and technical skills
    + Customizing production optimized for on-site lines with its own technical staff
    + Applying and responding to the on-site design by customers
    - User-friendly, intuitive interface
    + Graphical setup menu makes it easy for anyone to operate / intuitive main screen
    - Thorough follow-up management
    + Continuous program update with own technical staff
    + Online equipment inspection and real-time monitoring through the internet (when LAN network is supplied)
    + Response visits within 24 hours in case of a problem
    - Diverse know-how based on long experience in the inspection equipment business
    + More than 20 years of experience and know-how in operating inspection equipment business
    + A large number of outstanding R&D personnel with extensive field experience