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Sonicaid TEAM3 Wireless Transducer System

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Supplier: Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd

Using wireless connectivity it is possible to monitor the maternal and fetal heart wherever mum might be.


  • Designed specifically for use with our latest Sonicaid TEAM3 Series of fetal monitors, our Wireless Transducer System offers flexibility and choice when monitoring monitor mother and baby. The system consists of wireless ultrasound transducers for monitoring fetal heart rate and TOCO transducer for monitoring uterine activity together with a base station for docking and recharging. Lightproof waterproof (IPX8) wireless transducers allow mum and fetus (singleton or twins) to be continuously monitored.

  • Go where traditional transducers cannot
    Eliminate cables between mum and the fetal monitor, giving total freedom for mum, whether in a range of up to 110 meters.
    Improves birthing experience
    Offer's mum's the choice and flexibility to adopt active and upright birthing positions, thus increasing maternal satisfaction and leading to a more positive birth experience. NICE recommends offering wireless telemetry to women who require continuous monitoring.
    Easy to use
    Easy dock transducers into any slot for fast charging (3.5hrs complete charging process), which provides continuous operation for over 17 hours.
    Continuous reassurance
    Dual colour LED display on the transducers provides signal quality indicator to enable optimum position of the ultrasound transducers.
    Ergonomic and comfortable
    Comfortable easy to use transducers with integrated belt clips ensure maximum convenience for mum.
    Twins compatible
    Offers the ability to monitor up to two fetal heart rates externally using ultrasound and uterine activity using TOCO transducer. The clinical sounds option allows you to listen to individual transducers fetal heart rates to enable optimal positioning of the transducers.