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Sienna Ultimate Polysomnography

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Sienna Ultimate Polysomnography.


  • The Sienna ULTIMATE hybrid LTM and Ambulatory EEG/PSG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep, CFM, 10/20 and 32 channel bipolar EMG for Sports Medicine easily, simply by replacing the headboxes. The 150 gram lightweight amplifier has a patient alarm/event button as well as a body position sensor, which can transfer ‘fall over’ information to the nurse station.

  • - full set of polygraphy channels in compliance with AASM recommendations
    - referential and additional bipolar channels
    - ultra-lightweight amplifier
    - integrated SpO2, flow and pressure modules
    - built-in body position sensor
    - 32/64 channel amplifier, upgradable up to 128 channel
    - Wired (TCP/IP) LAN or wireless WiFi
    - Single or dual monitor
    - Bidirectional Audio
    - User definable report templates