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SIENNA ULTIMATE Neuro Monitoring

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Supplier: EMS Handels Gesellschaft mbH

SIENNA ULTIMATE Neuro Monitoring.


  • - Provides maximum flexibility and efficiency in
    - Brain monitoring for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients
    • Neonatal to Adult
    • Maximum flexibility for bedside use
    • Reliable continuous EEG Trending
    • Multi-room and multi-purpose use
    • Remote controlled
    • Superior and proven signal quality
    • Monitoring of EEG brain activity and other physiological parameters
    • Single display with synchronized audio and video

  • - Flexible and reliable hardware and software configurations
    - Proven EMS technology using the world leading Sienna Ultimate Amplifier solution
    - Interchangable headboxes for different applications
    - Full range of wireless and wired amplifiers from 32 to 192 channels
    - Ultra lightweight amplifiers
    - Easy to set up and use in ICU applications
    - Assists in diagnosis of patient´s cerebral function bedside and remotely
    - Ergonomic design mounted on a roll stand to minimize space constraints in the busy ICU environment.
    - Helps to improve patient outcomes for Stroke, Neurosurgery, Hypothermia treatment, Trauma, Cardiac arrest, TBI, Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, etc.
    - Fully integrated HD video
    - Seizure detection
    - Brain Symmetry Index Trend
    - DSA Trend
    - Pulse rate Trend
    - SpO2 Trend