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Sentinel mobile workstation

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Supplier: Spacelabs Healthcare

Spacelabs Sentinel Mobile Workstation takes the test to the place where it is needed—in departments, clinics, rooms, and wards. It helps to reduce the need for movement of caregivers and patients, saving time and improving workflow. Its Bluetooth and wireless connectivity help to improve patient comfort and reduce risk of infection.


  • Spacelabs Sentinel Workstation can provide Holter, stress, resting ECG, and ABP functions as a combination of Spacelabs devices and partner products. The workstation can be configured as a standalone or multi-function system, for hookup, test, review, and report.
    EPR workstation on wheels
    Spacelabs can supply complete units for your preferred way of working, or you can implement the workstation on your own hardware (subject to survey). The workstation can supply EPR access alongside the Sentinel functionality.
    A tablet option can be supplied with a roll stand or kitbag, with full support for device and EPR connection.
    Resting ECG
    Sentinel Mobile Workstation is the ideal partner for ECG capture by a wireless module, and can be positioned safely at the end of the bed or across the ward while the caregiver attends to the patient. This can include access behind closed doors for privacy or infection control.
    Holter and ABP
    When a patient needs a Holter or ABP hookup, the workstation allows you to add that into a regular ward round or visit to a clinic, with simple and safe configuration of the recorder right beside the patient. If the recorder is to be recovered, it can be downloaded and reused with the next patient. Alternatively, the workstation allows you to use an additional room to help reduce the queue.
    Our trolley and PC or yours
    Spacelabs can provide complete workstations and support contracts. Increasingly, the choice is to provide the devices, modules, and software for deployment on locally supplied trolleys, computing hardware and system software.
    Subject to survey, your workstation on wheels (WOW) can be the basis for building the Sentinel Workstation by adding Spacelabs devices and software for specific use with these devices. Or you may consider adding devices to the workstation in use in key areas—for example, using the regular WOWs to capture ECGs without the need to take the device to the ward.