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Pellet Durability Index Tester 17000

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Supplier: Bastak Instruments

Bastak brand, 17000 model


  • The results of the tests known as a standard measure of quality which is referred to pellet durability index (P.D.I.).

    The pellet tester suitable for animal feed pellets testing

    The P.D.I has a timer for adjusting test time.

    P.D.I used for calculating the pellet durability index.

    Pellet durability tester available in two and four -compartments.

    Ideal for feed mills and pellet manufacturers.

    PDI used to determine the amount of fines that will exist in pellets at feeding time.

    Provides accurate results.

    Used in R&D to improve manufacturing procedures.

    Follows methods by Kansas State University

    Constructed of stainless steel and high quality materials

    User friendly and requires a minimal amount of equipment.

  • Sensitive Nutrition
    High Efficiency
    Monoblock Study Body
    Standard Grinding

    Personal Security