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Morphologically Directed Spectroscopy

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Supplier: Malvern Panalytical Ltd

Rapid, automated, component-specific particle characterization in a single, integrated platform with one-year subscription to Wiley’s KnowItAll® Raman Identification Pro package.


  • Morphologi 4-ID delivers detailed component-specific morphological descriptions of particulate blends through Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS). This combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy in a single, integrated platform, providing the power to unlock complex particle characterization problems. Morphologi 4-ID software works seamlessly with Wiley’s KnowItAll® Raman Identification Pro software platform to provide rapid identification of your Raman spectra.

  • Technology

    Static automated imaging

    Particle size

    0.5 μm – 1300 μm (upper limit may be extended for some applications*)

    Particle properties measured

    Size, shape, transparency, count, location

    Particle size parameters

    Circle equivalent (CE) diameter, length, width, perimeter, area, maximum distance, sphere equivalent (SE) volume, fiber total length, fiber width

    Particle shape parameters

    Aspect ratio, circularity, convexity, elongation, high sensitivity (HS) circularity, solidity, fiber elongation, fiber straightness

    Particle transparency parameters

    Intensity mean, intensity standard deviation

    Integrated Sample Dispersion Unit

    For fully automated dispersion and measurement of dry powders. Manual or SOP control of

    dispersion pressure, injection time and settling time


    White light LED: brightfield, diascopic and episcopic; darkfield, episcopic


    18 MP; 4912 x 3684 pixel color CMOS array; pixel size 1.25 μm x 1.25 μm

    Optical system

    Nikon CFI 60 brightfield / darkfield system

    Lens (and particle size range)

    2.5x: 8.5 µm – 1300 µm (nominal)

    5x: 4.5 µm – 520 µm (nominal)

    10x: 2.5 µm – 260 µm (nominal)

    20x: 1.5 µm – 130 µm (nominal)

    50x: 0.5 µm – 50 µm (nominal)