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Lifecard CF

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Supplier: Spacelabs Healthcare

Lifecard CF’s rugged and splash proof design and its patented 3-channel 3-electrode hook up are all designed keeping patient comfort and compliance in mind. Advanced built-in technologies and superior technology enable you to easily obtain accurate data under the most challenging conditions


  • - A sensitive pacemaker detection circuit with excellent noise rejection operates continuously, with performance better than 10,000 Hz sampled pacemaker detection methods
    - A built in ECG display that allows you to monitor the ECG during hook up. It even marks when it has detected each atrial and ventricular pacing spike so you can optimize lead placement
    - Lifecard CF’s built in voice recording capability can be used as a secondary means to identify the patient
    - Using 12-bit technology and sophisticated methods, Lifecard CF can enable you to clearly see subtle atrial arrhythmias and pacing. P-waves are rounded, not squared off, and details like notched P-waves are precisely reproduced, making the difference between confident diagnosis and an inconclusive Holter test
    - Lifecard CF can record up to seven days of continuous ECG using one AAA battery and one memory card, thus requiring no patient interaction. Lifecard CF will even notify the patient if an electrode becomes displaced allowing this to be corrected
    - Using the optional 10 lead yoke and a 256MB card, Lifecard CF converts into a true 12 channel Holter recorder allowing you to diagnose complex arrhythmias and ST changes over multiple leads. This modular approach adds 24 hour true 12-lead ECG functionality to any Lifecard CF recorder