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LayVent Layering Ventilation Units for Hospitals

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Supplier: Weiss Technik

LayVent Layering Ventilation Units.


  • With the innovative layering ventilation unit from Weiss Klimatechnik, you safely implement the hygienic requirements for room air. The ground-level admission of uncontaminated fresh air supports the natural thermal and prevents formation of room air rolls – polluted room air is no longer returned from top to bottom. The automatic formation of the fresh air layer on the floor provides a flexible air supply as required.
    Vindur LayVent ensures optimum air hygiene and offers a significantly better protection against infection than conventional air cleaners and mixed air systems. CE-certified and in accordance with VDI 6022 – something you can rely on.
    Highlights at a glance:
    - Optimal infection prevention by layer ventilation as required (40 times safer than mixed ventilation*)
    - Lowest CO2 concentration due to 100% fresh air
    - Highest energy efficiency by heat recovery
    - Intelligent, self-directed control