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Laboratory fume cupboards

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Supplier: ALPINA Polska Sp. z o.o.

The fume cupboards D-series are designed to guard against before harmful and unpleasant influence of substances emitted during works carried out in digestorium.


  • To facilitate device management during operation, fume cupboards have a touch control panel.

    • efficiency of fume cupboard fans
    • correction of air extraction strength +/- 10% by user
    • silent-running ventilators
    • air-tight carbon filter fitted optionally
    • hour timer of the cabinet and UV lamp operation
    • permanently fixed UV lamp in the upper part of the workspace, protected from accidental switching on during operation
    • worktop made of stainless steel
    • energy efficient LED lamp illuminating work space
    • single power socket on cabinet’s housing
    • optionally dedicated table stand
    • ventilation smokestack 125mm or other dimension according to Client’s request.

  • Model D700