L series centrifugal fan

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

L series centrifugal fan


  • What makes our L series stand out is the special blade design and number of blades. Available in dimensions of 190 - 315 mm, the composite material impeller with AC technology is used wherever outstanding performance is required despite a lack of space. Areas of application of our L series include, for example, air conditioning and refrigeration technology as well as unit cooling. Thanks to the special impeller geometry, the centrifugal fan is also perfectly suited for selective component cooling. In combination with our low-maintenance AC motors, ZIEHL-ABEGG fans are a solid investment in the future.

  • - The single-ended extracting, backward-curved motor impellers in the L series are intended for use without spiral housing. Available in dimensions of 190 to 310 mm. This allows for volume flow rates of up to 1,900 m³/h and static pressures of up to 600 Pa.
    - Ideally suited for use in confined spaces thanks to impeller geometry. Due to the large number of blades, this impeller also delivers a good performance in confined installation spaces.