IQF Tropical Fruit Processing Lines

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IQF Tropical Fruit Processing Lines.


  • Chilling Technology
    The IF Chiller, built by OctoFrost, is based on impingement flash (IF) technology which achieves the quickest and most efficient heat transfer with its rainshower system. This innovative solution brings true value to tropical fruits processors and allows them to produce high quality IQF products:
    - Cross-flow water circulation for smart water consumption.
    - Significantly faster heat transfer due to the impingement rainshower system.
    - Quick chilling with high flow of recirculated ice-cold water improves yield and product quality.
    - System temperature below 6°C for optimal food safety.
    - Low product temperature achieved for a premium IQF final product.
    IQF Technology
    The IQF technology developed by Octofrost has a number of unique features that bring real value to tropical fruits processors all around the world:
    - Adjustable airflow for quick crust-freezing in the first freezing zone resulting in no lump formation and good product separation.
    - Exchangeable OctoFrost bedplates for gentle handling of soft products and quick and easy cleaning between different batches.
    - Overall easy-to-clean design for utmost food safety.

  • For processing and freezing IQF tropical fruits, OctoFrost offers highly efficient technologies by keeping customers’ priorities in mind. OctoFrost equipment is used to process IQF tropical fruits from South America to Middle East and Asia. OctoFrost customers are successfully offering premium quality IQF tropical fruits in international markets.
    Natural Appearance
    With efficient chilling below 5°C in the OctoFrost™ IF Chiller and quick crust-freezing in the OctoFrost IQF Freezer, good separation of product is achieved, even with sticky diced mango, pineapple or dragon fruit, resulting in a natural appearance of the final product and no lump formation.
    Energy Efficiency
    The rainshower system of the IF Chiller achieves the quickest heat transfer while the recirculation system optimizes water consumption. The adjustable fan speed of the IQF Freezer translates in significant energy savings.
    High Yield
    Quick and efficient chilling, together with the unique aerodynamics of the OctoFrost™ Freezer, result into less snow formation when compared to other IQF solutions, which means minimum dehydration and higher yield for the processor.
    Food Safety
    All OctoFrost equipment has easy-to-clean design for greatest food safety. The free-standing body, lack of joints and exchangeable bedplates of the OctoFrost™ Freezer contribute even further to food safety for IQF tropical fruits processors.